Resist the Boiling Water Challenge

CRAZE The boiling hot water challenge is sweeping the net

CRAZE The boiling hot water challenge is sweeping the net

Throwing boiling water into the air where it instantly freezes in the cold weather may be something fun to watch but health experts are warning the public not to do it. As CNN has indicated, although the challenge is every bit the "interesting science experiment" it sets out to be, more often than not, its participants end up in the ICU.

This after eight people who took the so-called "boiling water challenge" were treated at a Chicago burn center, and a few others sought burn treatment for the same reason recently in Iowa City and Minneapolis.

A spokeswoman said the hospital had seen injuries to the face, hands, arms and feet - as well as "varying degrees of burns".

Almost three-quarters of the population of the United States experienced temperatures at or below freezing; in Chicago temperatures plunged to minus 21. The Loyola University wasn't the lone medical facility in the MidWest to accept "Boiling Water" dimwits.

"Or, people throw it in the air just as a gust of wind comes, and [the water] catches the wind and it blows it back on them - so we see some face scald injuries from that".

Loyola University Medical Center spokesperson Chris Vicik said it isn't just the people who throw water who are getting hurt.

The polar vortex which normally pushes strong winds around the northern pole has sent an icy blast southwards in the last couple of weeks.

And even if they don't get scalded, people could also risk suffering a frostbite with sprayed water rapidly freezing on their exposed skin, doctors added.

Water will accelerate the freezing of the skin, and increase the risk of a cold injury to the skin. "That's a bigger risk, actually".

Hot water challenge" leaves teen with 2nd-degree burns and right: "A photographer shares a stunning photo of the "Boiling Water Challenge". But don't try it yourself.

The spectacular frosty mist, as shown in tweets by successful challengers, is tempting to try, but don't get tricked. "It looks like it's pretty cool, but it's probably a bad idea".

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