Nintendo Has Unannounced Games It Plans to Release This Year

Nintendo Has Unannounced Games It Plans to Release This Year

Nintendo: 'The 3DS market has contracted faster than we anticipated'

Nintendo ended up missing its original, ambitious forecast for selling 20 million units of the Nintendo Switch this fiscal year.

With the release of the Nintendo Switch and the success the console has seen with its various first- and third-party hits, many were left wondering what the future of the 3DS holds. While this definitely makes sense, during a recent Q&A session Nintendo President Shuntaro Furukawa chimed in about why exactly they've downgraded their target for this fiscal for the amount of Switch's sold.

Nintendo has yet to have a traditional Direct in 2019, disappointing some after announcing an indie-focused presentation last month which revealed SteamWorld Quest.

If you bought any of the on-sale games at full price, unlucky - but we hope you still think they were worth it?

According to a new rumour, Nintendo's first major Direct of the year will arrive on Wednesday, 13 February - which will "probably" feature Metroid Prime Trilogy. It's unusual to hear Nintendo say that it has struggled to convey the Switch's appeal considering its massive success so far especially when comparing it to that very issue with the Nintendo Wii U, but also proves just how far Nintendo hopes to go with its new machine.

We are not disclosing details by each membership plan but among consumers who have purchased memberships, however, a growing percentage is now opting for shorter plans like the one-month membership.

In Nintendo's Q & A summary for its fiscal year ending March 2019, Nintendo Entertainment Planning and Development general manager Shinya Takahashi responded to a question about Nintendo's process for software development, saying "I have heard some people say we have a tendency towards slow development, but that's certainly not true in every case".

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