What's in a Tokyo 2020 medal? Old phones, discarded cameras

Tokyo 2020 Olympic medals will be made from electronic waste

Tokyo will achieve its goal of making 2020 Olympic medals from e-waste

Tokyo 2020 Olympic organizers are taking a more eco-friendly approach for Olympic and Paralympic medals: Each bronze, silver, and gold award will be made from recycled electronic gadgets.

"Thanks to the huge levels of support from the public and companies across Japan and from national and global athletes, it is estimated that the remaining amounts of metals required to manufacture all Olympic and Paralympic medals can be extracted from the devices already donated", Tokyo 2020 said in the press statement.

The Tokyo Organising Committee said Friday that the goal of collecting over 30kg of gold has been nearly completed, with the necessary amount of precious metals expected to be gathered by the end of March.

Overall, the target was to extract 67 pounds of gold, more than 9,000 pounds of silver, and close to 6,000 pounds of bronze to exclusively manufacture every single medal needed for both the Olympic and Paralympic Games of 2020 from recycled materials.

A project was started in 2017 to collect enough electronic waste, including old smartphones and laptops, to implement the scheme.

Numerous gadgets were handed in at NTT Docomo stores, while others were collected at post offices and other public places. The recycling program will continue to accept old devices through the end of March, making it very likely that 100 percent of all Olympic medals will be entirely reused materials.

In a statement issued today, organisers said the collection was expected to reach its goal and will end in late March.

Tokyo 2020 will release the designs of its medals later this year.

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