Fortnite: Where To Dance On Sundial, Metal Dog Head, Oversized Coffee

Epic Games

Epic Games

What are your thoughts on the Week 9 Challenges so far? Land in Retail Row, take out fellow players in Retail Row.

Dancing and Fortnite go together like peanut butter and jelly, and one of the Week 9 challenges in Fortnite is to dance on a sundial.

For anyone wondering how many battle stars this challenge will reward you, it's not now known.

However, whether it's a measly 5 or a glorious 10, this challenge is one of the more interesting challenges for this week. You're going to want to look on the desert side of the square.

Fortnite developer Epic Games has released the Week 9 challenges for Season 7.

As always, make sure you complete each match after playing through one of the stages. In grid G9, just west of the large oasis, there's a sundial made from vehicles and wooden poles on top of a mountain representing the first dance location of this challenge. Simply land on top here, dance away, and that's stage one done.

Well, may we refer you to the above video courtesy of YouTuber Gattu. Give it a watch, he'll have you pointed in the right direction in no time at all.

Battle Royale is hosting a big event this Saturday at 11 a.m. PT, 2 p.m. ET with a live concert featuring DJ Marshmello on a stage in Pleasant Park. There you'll find a sign in the shape of an oversized cup of coffee accompanied by a flashing neon guitar that's hard to miss.

Again, check out our map screenshot and in-game screenshots above and below to give you a hand pinpointing its location.

The coffee cup is easy to spot once you arrive at the Dusty Divot diner. You're looking for a pole leaning over a pile of cars. The fun doesn't end there though, because the challenge continues, asking players to dance on an oversized cup of coffee and then dance on a giant metal dog head. The giant metal dog head can be found in Junk Junction as seen below.

The dog head is part of the yellow JCB outside the named location.

Fortnite Week 9 Battle Pass Challenges.

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