Small Time Crooks! Hugh Grant appeals for stolen script

Hugh Grant appeals over script stolen in car break-in

Hugh Grant appeals for return of script after thieves broke into car overnight

Actor Hugh Grant has appealed to his social media followers to help him locate a script that was stolen from his vehicle.

He took to Twitter today to share an appeal for help, and revealed his children's medical cards may also have been inside the bag.

Hugh Grant put out a plea Sunday to the thief who broke into his auto and stole a bag containing a script.

In a tweet Grant pleaded with them to "at least" return a script which "contained weeks worth of notes".

Grant did not say what the script was for or where he had left his auto when the break-in took place.

Grant asked for the script to be returned, adding it was "full of many weeks of notes and ideas". And perhaps my children's medical cards. Coach Films, Ealing St Mary's Ealing Green W5 5EN'.

Cricketer Kevin Pieterson tweeted: 'B******s!

Also responding to Grant, the comedian David Baddiel wrote: "I'm sorry".

He is now working on Toff Guys, a Guy Ritchie film about a British drug lord, as well as HBO series The Undoing, also starring Nicole Kidman, according to movie and TV database IMDB.

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