OnePlus 7 leak teases notch-less, sliding camera design

OnePlus 7 Leak

Image Slashleaks

The past year has seen Android manufacturer OnePlus rapidly advancing its phone designs. However, even with the protective casing of the device, there are some things that we have been able to identify. There is undoubtedly no display notch on the OnePlus 7 this time.

Of course, it won't be the first sliding phone out from China in recent months. You can also see the grille above the display, with holes cut out for sensors. This information further lends credibility to the leaked image. However, a Slashleak contributor spotted the picture before it was deleted.

Mind you, this leaked image isn't concrete evidence that the OnePlus 7 is real, and until the parent company of the phone actually officially speaks about it, it would be best to take this with a large grain of salt.

Unfortunately, this is the only view of the alleged OnePlus 7 that exists, so like usual, nearly everything of importance is going to be left to speculation. The case makes it look as if the phone has really thin bezels but we don't think it is any thinner than that of the OnePlus 6T. Also, while the OnePlus 6T can be seen fashioning the waterdrop notch, the OnePlus 7's screen stretches all the way to the top giving no sign of a notch. The new mysterious mobile understood to be the OnePlus 7 features has no notch at all and even there is no physical space on top to house the front camera suggesting it might boast elevating camera either like Vivo Nex or the Oppo Find X. OnePlus seems to be taking the same approach. Both phones are encased in white cases; a fairly standard method that is used in the smartphone industry to hide the design of a phone that isn't quite ready for showing off to the masses (just yet).

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