Kelly "Let somebody enjoy their legacy".

French Montana defends R Kelly: “Let somebody enjoy their legacy”

French Montana Says R. Kelly Should Be Allowed His Legacy

French Montana isn't too bothered by the furor surrounding R. Kelly, except for how it's affecting Kelly's legacy. Now, he is addressing his previous comment, making things as clear as possible.

Most recently, nearly anybody who has chose to speak out about anything related to R. Kelly has had to watch their tongue, and with good reason.

The 34-year-old musician recently spoke out about R. Kelly, saying that he has a right to enjoy his legacy.

The rapper chatted with TMZ following his performance during the L.A. Rams' game halftime last night, and he seemingly defended the controversial artist after the release of his docuseries titled Surviving R. Kelly.

"All the greats went down like that", he said. "Whatever happened, happened, man".

TMZ asked French Montana whether or not people should stop listening to R. Kelly's music as a result of the #MuteRKelly movement and the rapper responded "he fought in a court of law and won".

Therefore, earlier today, the rapper made a decision to actually show support to Kelly's victims instead. Frenchy soon took to Twitter to clear the air and attempted to expound on what exactly he meant, even though his new statement seems to be in opposition to his earlier words. "My heart is with the victims", he tweeted out on Sunday (January 13th). I'm hoping we as a culture will create better leaders. Meanwhile, John Legend declared Kelly "a serial child rapist".

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