Jayme Closs’ aunt shares how teen spent her first day home

Aerial footage of the house where Jayme Closs was held in for 88 days

Aerial footage of the house where Jayme Closs was held in for 88 days

He is alleged to have broken into her home in Barron, Wisconsin, before murdering her parents and abducting her.

Records show that defendant Jake Thomas Patterson's father transferred the title of the cabin near Gordon to Superior Choice Credit Union on October 23, eight days after the October 15 attack at the Closs family's home near Barron, which is about 60 miles (100 kilometers) south of Gordon.

Patterson went to the Closs home outside Barron, Wisconsin, with the intention of taking Jayme, Fitzgerald said.

"She hadn't taken a bath for weeks if at all", added Peter.

Kasinskas said she told the 911 dispatcher: "Jake Patterson, Jayme, this is real".

Kasinskas said she and her husband put their two children in the basement with the dogs, "and told them to watch the TV until we said it was OK to come back upstairs". "She is a strong girl and we are blessed to have her back", Trowbridge said.

Jake Patterson had, as it turns out, worked at the same turkey processing plant, but only for a single day three years ago.

Authorities have said they don't believe Patterson crossed paths with Jayme's parents there.

Police arrived to find the door kicked in, Jayme missing and her parents dead.

For months, thousands of people joined search parties as investigators received thousands of tips.

Then, on Thursday, a woman walking her dog in the town of Gordon, about an hour north of Barron, spotted Jayme on the street. Authorities have said Patterson's goal the night he broke into the Closs' home was to kidnap Jayme, but it's unclear how Patterson became aware of her, especially since he lived an hour away.

Nutter objected to a media report that described Jayme as being "dirty", but she said the girl clearly wasn't appropriately dressed for being outside and was obviously in distress.

Nutter, who has a background as a social worker and who is a part-time academic advisor for the UW-Madison school of social work, was seemingly the flawless person to run into a distressed girl in need of immediate help.

So Nutter chose to go to the nearby home of Pete and Kristin Kasinkas, who are year-round residents there. "My first reaction was to scream and say, 'You're alive!' I didn't ask her questions, even though all those thoughts (of what happened to her) were in my head". "She said that this person usually hides her or hides her when others are near, or when he has to leave the household".

An empty box of female adult diapers found on the premises of Jake Patterson's property. Fearful the kidnapper may be looking for Jayme, she told her partner to get a gun as he called 911. He is jailed on homicide and kidnapping charges.

Jayme has been staying with an aunt in Barron since she escaped.

"Now it's about getting him the harshest sentence possible", Jayme's aunt Kelly Engelhart said.

When Jayme said the name, Kasinskas said she immediately recognized it.

"It was great to know she was next to me all night", Jennifer Smith posted on Facebook on Saturday. "What a great feeling to have her home".

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