James Middleton Bravely Reveals His Battle with Depression

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It's not merely sadness.

And if Pippa the Western press is regularly full of headlines and discoveries, the existence of James, many didn't even know existed until that day. "I barely functioned, stopped talking to my friends, went through the motions of living and working but achieved nothing at all", he described. "It is an illness, a cancer of the mind". "It was a tiny spark of light in the darkness".

Thankfully, after getting the proper help and due to the support of his family, today, James Middleton feels like he has a goal again.

He goes on to say that he felt "compelled to talk about it openly" because of his brother-in-law Prince William, sister Kate and Prince Harry's work with mental health charity, Heads Together.

Although James was inspired to share his journey because of his family, he didn't immediately share his battles with them. "Firstly, I feel - although I'd never say I am cured of it - that now I understand it and, with professional help, have worked out strategies for coping. It was impossible to let my loved ones know about the torture in my mind", James explained.

James, 31, struggled for about a year before reaching out for help in December 2017.

According to him, for about a year, his mental health kept deteriorating until he finally sought help.

"I also felt misunderstood; a complete failure".

"I'm starting to impose order on my life", James continued.

James also thanked his dogs for helping him throughout his recovery.

"I am a huge believer in this & Ella has done so much for me and we look forward to sharing the love".

"Ella, particularly, has been my constant companion for ten years and she's been with me to all my therapy sessions".

Also note that James has his own business for the production of marshmallows, which he keeps reminding the readers of his blog.

The least well-known member of the Middleton family recently made his Instagram account public, and features a wide variety of adorable dog photos. "Animals can provide a sense of calm, comfort, or safety and divert attention away from a stressful situation and towards one that provides pleasure".

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