Egypt university expels female student for hugging male friend in video

Illustrative. A female student walking past Al Azhar university in Nasr City Cairo Egypt

Illustrative. A female student walking past Al Azhar university in Nasr City Cairo Egypt

Egypt, a predominantly Muslim country, is a largely conservative society. One of which is Egypt where a varsity is now trending after expelling a lady for hugging her partner.

Last week, Al-Azhar University chose to dismiss one of its student after a video of a student hugging her fiance inside the Mansoura University campus in Delta Egypt went viral, however the disciplinary committee gave her the opportunity to appeal the decision after they were criticized.

Last week, a video appeared on social media showing the man surprising the student with a bouquet of flowers, and kneeling in front of her to propose. The event took place at Mansoura University in the country's north.

Azhar University spokesman Ahmed Zarei revealed in a statement to the BBC that a disciplinary council had made a decision to expel the student, who is studying at the Faculty of Arabic Language at the university branch in Mansoura, after an investigation.

The Egypt University spokesperson Ahmed Zarie who spoke to AFP, said the expelled female student presented a "bad image" of Al-Azhar University, which strictly segregates the genders. "The student has violated the values of Al-Azhar, society and the university", said Zarei.

The young man who appeared in the video could also face sanctions, a spokesman for Mansoura University said, adding that the school's disciplinary council would meet on Monday to decide his "punishment".

Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia took a step in progressive moves in the year 2018 after they finally passed a law which now allows women drive.

And in 2017 another female pop singer was sentenced to two years in prison on similar charges, also over a video deemed provocative.

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