Bus driver honored for rescuing baby left alone on highway

Video shows bus driver rescuing baby wandering alone near road

Wisconsin bus driver rescues lost infant from freeway overpass: 'Oh my god, I'm shaking'

Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele awarded her with a commemoration plaque while offering a glowing appraisal of the employee's efforts to save the lost child. Authorities eventually reunited the boy with his father.

This is not the first time a Milwaukee County Transit System driver has saved a child.

The child slows down for a moment then begins to run again.

The toddler, who was less than one year old, was wearing only a onesie and a nappy.

Inexplicably, a baby boy is running along a narrow sidewalk on a highway overpass.

She runs across the street and picks up the crying boy, who was making his way around a corner, bringing him on board her bus.

A Milwaukee bus driver is being hailed for rescuing a baby girl found wandering alone one the streets of Milwaukee's south side - and the entire episode was captured on camera.

"Oh my God. Oh my God. She did the right thing", he said of the five-year veteran with the service. Irena comforted the terrified youngster, who soon fell asleep in her loving arms.

Firefighters, police officers and transit security officers arrived on the scene a short time later and took the child, who was unfortunately unharmed, so they could find her family. "I used to be a teacher and I have children of my own, so I'm so happy I was able to help this sweet, innocent baby", Ivic said. Her profile says she attended a technical school and college in that city.

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