Syrian Air Defences Respond to Enemy Attack, Down Several Targets

30 2018 a convoy of US military vehicles rides in Syria's northern city of Manbij

30 2018 a convoy of US military vehicles rides in Syria's northern city of Manbij

Syrian air defenses have managed to destroy most of the missiles fired by Israeli warplanes toward the capital Damascus, Syrian state media say. The attack took place at 11:15 p.m. (2115 GMT), it said.

"At 11:15, Israeli fighter jets fired several missiles towards the area of Damascus, and instantly, our air defences confronted the missiles and downed a lot of them", the source told SANA.

The source claimed that air defenses intercepted "most" of the missiles and said a "ministry of transport warehouse at Damascus global airport" was hit. Another official told SANA traffic at the airport had not been disrupted.

An AFP correspondent in Damascus heard several loud explosions late on Friday, the worldwide news agency said.

In an earlier report, SANA had spoken of Syrian air-defence batteries attacking "enemy targets".

The strikes are suspected to have been carried out by Israel and targeted the area surrounding Damascus airport and Al Kisweh region where Iran has heavily deployed proxies and military sites in the past, said the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights.

On Christmas Day, six Israeli F-16 fighter jets struck a logistics compound on the outskirts of Damascus, having come from Lebanese airspace and recklessly using two civilian flights as cover during the raid, according to the Russian Defense ministry.

Since then Israel has been very careful with its operation over Syria.

It is not yet clear whether the S-300s were among the air defense systems used in the Friday night counterattacks.

According to AlHadath TV channel, airstrikes at Syria are delivered by Israeli Air Force.

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