Senator Kamala Harris Reportedly Set to Run for President in 2020

California Democratic Sen. Kamala Harris set to toss hat into presidential ring: Sources

Kamala Harris: Government shutdown 'will not end with a wall'

The San Francisco Chronicle reported Wednesday, citing sources, that the California senator could announce her run on MLK Day or after, but, it added, the exact date is still being worked out.

In her new memoir, "The Truths We Hold", Harris described her anger watching her mother become a target because she was "brown-skinned" and how that has driven her efforts to enhance the legal and humanitarian protections over immigrants coming into the US. In her book, she says that she thinks that the country is ready for a president who is a woman of colour.

Harris also confirmed she will decide soon whether to mount a 2020 presidential bid.

She told television channel ABC's The View, "I'm not saying that about myself, but I am saying that about the capacity of the American public". But when asked about this, the Senator herself kept her plans under wraps. Harris said she was unaware of her office's work and was "shocked" to read about it in the newspaper.

"I believe our country wants and needs leadership that provides a vision of the future of our country in which everyone can see themselves", she said. "But with each woman who gains success, I think there is a greater appreciation and understanding of the capacity and breadth and depth of who women are and what we can do", Ms. Harris said.

In 2014, the California Attorney General's Office opposed releasing nonviolent California inmates-part of the state's compliance with a 2011 Supreme Court ruling that found its prison system was unconstitutionally overcrowded-arguing that "if forced to release these inmates early, prisons would lose an important labor pool". Former US President Barack Obama described her as trailblazer.

A wall along the US-Mexico border was one of Mr. Trump's signature campaign promises. The president had asked Congress to sanction $5.7 billion in federal spending to build the wall but the Democrats opposed it.

He couldn't make it through the primaries, which was won by President Donald Trump.

"Any good parenting would tell you that you don't listen to those kinds of tantrums, and you don't reward that behaviour", she said.

Harris would be the fourth person so far to join the race for the Democratic nomination, though that number is expected to balloon to dozens of candidates by the time campaign season kicks into full swing.

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