Ocasio-Cortez campaign fined by feds

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Donald Trump and Alexandria Ocasio Cortez clash | Chip Somodevilla Getty Images

Five years later, she worked as an organizer for Sen.

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-NY, a self-proclaimed democratic socialist, has come under fire after it was revealed that her campaign was fined by the state for not providing workers' compensation coverage for a month previous year.

"The employer did not have the required workers' compensation coverage from March 31, 2018, to April 30, 2018, and was issued a final penalty of $1,500, which was paid", Melissa Stewart, spokeswoman for the board, said in a statement. "This coverage is vital to ensuring workers are protected for on-the-job injuries".

Possibly the "crying while laughing" emoji Ocasio-Cortez included in her tweet was a signal to all that her response should be taken in good fun.

"This is basic stuff, especially if you hold yourself out to be the champion of workers", added the Democrat. "It's unbelievable", said state GOP spokeswoman Jessica Proud. "She doesn't understand how the place works yet".

So it's no surprise the man who left the party to become an "independent" has thoughts on newly elected liberal Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Ocasio-Cortez was just 10 years old when Lieberman ran for vice president along with Gore.

In 2011, Ocasio-Cortez graduated from Boston University with a degree in economics and global relations.

When asked by Anderson Cooper on CBS's 60 Minutes, whether Trump "is a racist", she responded: "Yeah, yeah no question". "She's gotten a lot of attention because she's different". But it's- it's not the same thing as- as the President lying about immigrants.

"She needs to decide: Does she want to be an effective legislator or just continue being a Twitter star?" said an anonymous House Democrat in the Politico report, who said he agrees with her radical ideology.

"In private conversations with Ocasio-Cortez over the past few months, Velázquez counseled Ocasio-Cortez against targeting her Democratic colleagues in future elections", Politico reported.

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