National Basketball Association and Twitter to offer iso-cam stream for some TNT games

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The games received an overall positive reception and Major League Baseball will more then likely repeat the streaming next season.

The NBA, Turner Sports and Twitter announced on Wednesday that they will debut live single-player ISO cameras this season, starting with the NBA All-Star game on February 17 in Charlotte.

Twitter and Turner Sports have partnered to offer a complementary U.S. viewing experience that will allow fans to watch a specific player in the second half of 20 TNT games. "The vision for this feed is to push the boundaries of game presentation and interactivity".

The NBA has built the largest Twitter community of any professional sports league in the world since joining the social media platform in 2009, accumulating 27.5 million followers. This season it began allowing viewers to to watch just the fourth quarter of a game, for $1.99 via NBA Digital. In December it started letting fans buy into a game from the second quarter on, for $4.99, or from the third quarter, for $2.99. Hopefully, the NBA Twitter stream will be just as popular.

It follows Turner's decision last month to allow subscribers to its digital National Basketball Association coverage to pay for games quarter by quarter and Tuesday's announcement of a collaboration with Yahoo on new Twitter show "The Bounce".

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver and Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey are scheduled to speak at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas at 1pm PT today about the partnership and the NBA's approach to sports technology.

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