HTC Shows Eye-Tracking Tech in Vive VR Headsets


HTC goes virtual with Vive Pro Eye and Cosmos headsets

HTC is one of the world's leading companies when it comes to VR (virtual reality) technology and therefore, no one should be shocked to find out that HTC's panel at CES 2019 was used to show off the company's latest VR innovations.

Eye-tracking has a number of implications, all of which could bring VR to a new, heightened direction. Eye tracking is integrated into the "MLB Home Run Derby VR" video game experience, allowing users full menu control without a traditional controller.

Also announced was Viveport Infinity, a change to the Viveport subscription model.

HTC teamed up with Major League baseball to demonstrate the eye tracking software with a home run game, which proved popular on the first days of the event. You no longer require additional controllers to navigate. Launching on April 5, VivePort Infinity will allow users to sign up and gain instant access to more than 500 titles in the store. This service is available on any Vive device plus the Oculus Rift and other devices in the Wave Eco-system.

The second novelty is the HTC Vive headset brand new Cosmos.

The Vive Cosmos is designed with comfort, and ease of set-up and use, without the need to mount and calibrate external sensors, Daniel O'Brien, general manager of HTC Vive Americas, said at a press conference.

While there's now no information about how much the headset will cost, what its full capabilities are, or when it will be released, HTC said it would be "coming soon", with development kits to be offered sometime in early 2019.

In the framework of the worldwide exhibition of electronics CES 2019 HTC told about prospects of development of the own device and the ecosystem of virtual reality.

"The tools and environments that make up Vive Reality System aim to make spatial computing accessible to everyone, wherever their journey into immersive worlds takes them", said Drew Bamford, vice president, Creative Labs at HTC Vive.

Very few details have been for the HTC Vive Pro Eye.

But HTC Vive has been working on a 6DoF version, which AMD had on demonstration with an HTC Vive Focus to showcase its ReLive livestreaming technology. It will also be the first Vive headset to work with the Vive Reality System that will be a new design experience for VR.

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