Chris Pratt Starts New 21-Day Diet Based on the Bible


Chris Pratt is currently on the Daniel Fast a super restrictive 3-week diet rooted in the Bible

The Daniel Fast, popular among evangelical Christians, has spawned a cottage industry of compatible recipes for those who want to embark on the 21-day journey.

"The Daniel Fast", as it's called, encourages its participants to come closer to God through a special diet and through petition and prayer.

"It's gonna coincide also coincidentally with the "Lego Movie 2" junkets, so by the time you see me, I'll probably be hallucinating", he added.

Chris Pratt has started an intense fast that will last him for three weeks.

The Jurassic World star is so jacked up on his new truck that he's offering to help other people move with it, so I guess if you're keen to try your luck, you can go ahead and slide into his DMs like he says. The name is inspired by the Old Testament prophet Daniel, who limited his diet to vegetables and water to be able to cleanse his body and better focus on a spiritual connection to God, leaving behind distracting indulgences like meat and wine.

Sounds like heaps of fun.

He recently took an opportunity to regale fans with his faith at the MTV Movie Awards.

"God is real. God loves you. And I've been eating", he said on an Instagram story in December. "Learn to pray. It's easy, and it's so good for your soul".

Pratt rose to fame playing the noticeably more rotund Andy Dwyer in U.S. sitcom Parks and Recreation.

His weight yo-yo-ed over the following few years as he took on a number of different roles, including one as a buff squaddie in Zero Dark Thirty in 2012.

Just this week, Chris Pratt told his followers in an Instagram story, "Hi, Chris Pratt here".

The Lego Movie 2: The Second Part is set to hit US theaters on February 8.

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