WATCH Carpet Python Covered With Over 500 Ticks Get Rescued From Pool

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Image Facebook

In the end, 511 paralysis ticks were pulled off its skin.

A snake-catcher in Australia rescued a carpet python riddled with more than 500 paralysis ticks from a family's backyard pool after the reptile slithered into the water in an attempt to drown the arachnids.

Tony Harrison, who has been working in the business for close to three decades, shared videos of the rescue on his Gold Coast and Brisbane Snake Catcher page on Facebook.

"OMG! That's a huge tick infestation - poor python carrying that load - so glad it was found, hoping it will be in recovery mode soon", said one post.

Mr Harrison then shared a video on his Facebook page and informed his followers about the weird discovery.

He wrote: "What happens is, in Mother Nature animals can live in harmony with parasites both internal and external".

The carpet python had been soaking in a pool at a Coolangatta home when the pair arrived, and they believe it was trying to drown the parasites.

The snake catchers responded to one Facebook user saying they believe the parasites targeted the reptile's head due to blood flow.

A Currumbin Wildlife Hospital spokeswoman told the ABC that Nike was still in their care. "I've done this for 26 years and this is the worst I've ever seen", the snake catcher added.

According to the government health department paralysis ticks are mostly found in moist and humid coastal areas and is most active especially after rain in high humidity.

He said: "There are still tiny young ones under the scales that will be treated with drugs to kill them".

Following treatment, Harrison is confident the snake will survive.

A professional handler removed the snake and took it for treatment at a wildlife clinic. "Toni Turner got it at 513". "Jesus Christ", Mr Harrison exclaimed on the video.

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