Stacey Dooley denies job hosting BBC make-up competition 'trivial'

Stacey Dooley, 31, is known for her eye-opening investigative documentaries but today the Strictly Come Dancing 2018 champion announced a change of direction as she prepares to host a new make-up programme called Glow Up: Britain's Next Make-Up Star. The star took to Twitter to retweet a comment from a fan who suggested the journalist was moving away from her "roots".

Stacey Dooley is set to front a new TV show in which people's make-up skills are put to the ultimate test. "Will defo be watching!" one assured Stacey.

"This is such a Stone Age assumption", Dooley replied.

"You can care about human issues, the planet and also be into fashion", she continued. "You can also take time out to look after yourself mentally". "We've got Dominic Skinner from MAC who's a complete dream actually, a real sweetheart, super on it, really talented and Val Garland who anyone that sort of works in and around make-up instantly recognises her work and name so I think we're on to a victor".

She explained in a thread of tweets that while it's a privilege to cover topics such as drugs and war, she also needs to "take time out to enjoy the lighter side of life". The make-up artists are so impressive and talented...and Val and Dominic were a scream to work with. I'm lucky to work alongside them.

'The idea that talent is exclusively measured on how academic or intellectual you are is SO ridiculous.

Speaking about the role, Val Garland said: 'I'm SO very excited to be part of this brand new series, finding the next unbelievable talent of make-up artists'.

She finished: "Anyway. Off to nail my routine".

Fans of the stunner were quick to congratulate her on her new role and share their excitement about watching. "I'll make you sit through this".

A third wrote: 'You don't have to justify your career choices to anyone.

Stacey's other new role's include a contributing editor role at Grazia magazine, and there's a signing tour in the offing for the paperback version of her book.

She recently gained a new audience by winning Strictly Come Dancing.

'She's in demand and understandably taking advantage of her popularity which will enable her to command higher fees, ' commented Claire.

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