Oil prices rise on trade talk optimism, OPEC cuts

Crude Oil

Crude Oil

The rally's been fueled by brightening economic outlooks as well as growing confidence that the Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries, Russia and other allies will restrain production enough to avoid an oversupply.

Crude oil prices were slightly down at the start of trading on Tuesday, despite reports that Saudi Arabia cut its crude exports to help boost prices. Crude oil price increased after a year and a half continued to drop.

Oil prices continued to rebound on Monday, erasing part of the steep losses in December, as an OPEC-led output cut deal, going into effective this month, has begun to play its role. U.S. West Texas Intermediate (WTI) crude oil futures also climbed 55 cents, to $49.07 per barrel. Based on a Reuters survey, In December, OPEC oil supply dropped by 460,000 barrels per day (bpd) to 32.68 million bpd.

Worldwide standard Brent crude had jumped over two per cent in the morning, but fell back to a 1.5 per cent rise at $57.94 in the early afternoon. He added that the oil industry had five consecutive days of price gains. In fact, the continuous low price of oil is depicting a weaker economy of the world and the surging U.S. production. The WSJ reports that Saudi Arabia plans on cutting exports 800,000 bpd below November levels, which appears to be a larger reduction than required as part of the OPEC+ agreement. "Moreover OPEC, particularly Saudi Arabia and Russian Federation, were producing at record levels to offset what was expected to be a meaningful reduction in global supply due to the Iranian economic sanctions".

By the average oil price the WB implies the average price of Brent, Dubai and WTI blends.

Apple's disclosure capped a worrisome month for USA equity markets which ended December seeing an exodus of funds for safer havens.

OPEC and its allies are trying to rein in a growing glut in global supply, driven mostly by the USA, where production surpassed 11 Mmbpd in 2018.

Share in the market increased as firms expect that trade talks between the two economic giants will end the trade war. "And so we see the potential for Brent crude to go to US$70 a barrel over the course of the year". "Our lower oil price assumptions reflect slowing demand and rising supply globally", said S&P Global Ratings analyst Danny Huang.

In the United States, crude oil production stayed at a record 11.7 million barrels per day (bpd) in the last week of 2018, according to weekly data by the Energy Information Administration (EIA) released on Friday.

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