Jeff Bezos leaves $137B on the line without prenup in divorce

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and wife Mac Kenzie have split

Amazon founder Jeff Bezos and wife Mac Kenzie have split

In addition to Bezos' stake in Amazon, the couple have also acquired at least five homes in California, Washington state, Texas, Washington D.C. and NY throughout their 25-year marriage. Back in 2016, Jeff, Lauren, and Patrick were pictured together at an event but according to reports, Lauren and Jeff came closer after the former's separation from Patrick.

Of course, MacKenzie could waive her voting rights or give up her claim to the shares entirely, which means there will undoubtedly be some "shut your mouth when you're talking to me" in Jeff's future.

The pair announced the move in a joint statement on Wednesday on Twitter. However, things might have gotten a little too close over time.

From modest beginnings as an online bookseller, Bezos and Amazon branched out into nearly every product category available, ending up taking on established retail giants such as Wal-Mart Stores Inc.

MacKenzie also said that Jeff is her "best reader" and he often cleared his schedule to read her manuscript.

She went on to be a host at various news channels, becoming a longtime co-anchor on Fox 11's "Good Day LA", as well as appearing as a host and correspondent on "Extra".

The company has since expanded into an e-commerce giant. "She has been shooting aerial shots for Bezos", said the source.

Mr Bezos also founded space company Blue Origin in 2000, and is funnelling $1 billion a year of his own fortune into pulling it out of start-up mode and into production.

Sanchez's husband, Whitesell, is one of Hollywood's most powerful agents. Lauren also has a son from her first marriage to former National Football League player Tony Gonzalez.

While the details of their divorce settlement have not been made public, exactly how much MacKenzie is entitled to of Bezos' $137 billion fortune could depend on Amazon's value and marital laws in Washington state where they live.

The couple, who share four children, met in 1993 while working at an investment management firm in New York City, according to People. She attended Princeton University. She was hired and later became his office neighbor. MacKenzie, who was 23 at the time, asked Jeff out to lunch.

The couple were engaged after three months of dating and married three months after that, according to the magazine.

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