Apple plans to launch three new iPhone models this year

Apple planning to launch three new iPhones in 2019

Apple Watchers Are Already Looking Toward the Next Next iPhones

A purported render of an iPhone XI (or is it iPhone 11?) made its way online a few days ago, featuring three rear-facing cameras and a flash placed asymmetrically inside a rather large bump. Meanwhile, Apple chose to troll competitors by placing user security and privacy-related ads around CES venues, and TV makers including Samsung announced that AirPlay 2 support would be available inside new TVs.

The XR has struggled to take off since it was launched in October previous year.

The new line-up will include a successor to the iPhone XR that will be a cut-price version of the device featuring an LCD screen, the Wall Street Journal reported.

It is pertinent to note here that another publication, the Nikkei Asian Review, however, reported on Wednesday that Apple Inc which slashed its quarterly sales forecast last week, has reduced planned production for its three iPhone models by about 10 percent for the January-March quarter. Planning for 2020 models is at an earlier stage, and more subject to revision.

Apple is also considering dropping the LCD screen of the XR in favor of an OLED screen.

It's important to clarify that at this point in the production timeline, Apple likely already can not change major features for the 2019 models, but the phones are still not finalized by any means, so other changes are possible.

The lower end models will each have dual camera lenses, an update for the XR successor.

The Journal does not reveal much else, but we have already seen leaksters show an early concept image of what a triple-camera iPhone could look like.

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