Amazon Is Launching A Game-Streaming Service, Report Says

Is Amazon planning Cloud gaming on a large scale

Is Amazon planning Cloud gaming on a large scale

While most of the tech world has its eyes focused on CES 2019, a new report released today says Amazon could be working on a new game streaming service that will deliver games digitally while running them on cloud servers. Deadline backed up the report with a report of its own that claims the project exists within Amazon right now.

Talks have already begun between Amazon and game publishers for this streaming outlet that, at the earliest, would be live sometime next year.

The Verge was able to track down some Amazon job listings to corroborate the report, where the company is now hiring at least two engineers in Seattle and California specifically to work on "Cloud Games", with a third post saying that Amazon has a new game business planned.

The rise of cloud computing has led to a potential revolution in gaming away from expensive, high-powered consoles and computers. "Instead, the games run on powerful computers inside data centers, allowing people to play them on devices with less processing muscle, including smartphones, tablets and smart televisions". A fourth listing is after an AI Engineer, to work on a "never before seen kind of game". "This is a rare opportunity", the listing reads, "to take a technical leadership role to shape the foundation of an unannounced AAA games business".

Mashable has reached out to Amazon for further information.

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