Fortnite: Season 7 Week 6 challenges

Fortnite Chilly Gnomes Locations- Season 7 Week 6 Challenges

Fortnite Chilly Gnomes Locations – Season 7 Week 6 Challenges

We're now in Week 6 of Fortnite Season 7, which means there's another batch of those oh-so-precious Battle Stars to unlock. As always, keep in mind to finish out the match you're in once you've completed one or more challenges in order to be sure you get credit for them. What have you been up to? It's time to get back into the battleground for an opportunity to show off to other players those skill and uncover new Battle Stars and this guide will help you get where you need to go!

This week's challenges are pretty easy to knock out a few in one match.

To find specific named locations, Chilly Gnomes, and the Hidden Banner, head to the spots marked on this handy all-in-one cheat sheet by Reddit user "thesquatingdog". With that done, you'll get two more locations to visit in the second stage, and then again in the third.

Feedback from the community has directed Epic Games to the bugged challenge that asks players to deal damage with five different weapons in a match, and the company thinks that it might have to do with modes that allow respawns.

Inflict 200 damage using an SMG for the first stage of this challenge.

The final challenge in the paid Battle Pass category is another one that'll put your shooting chops to the test.

Players will need to be on the lookout to "Search Chilly Gnomes" for this Fortnite Season 7, Week 6 challenge.

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