Flu season arrives early in Saskatchewan

New Mexico reports the first death of the flu season

Flu season arrives early in Saskatchewan

It's the gift that keeps on giving, and it's one everyone wants to give back as soon as they receive it.

Despite the high numbers, Shahab said this is looking like it will be a typical flu season aside from the early start.

Health officials said that the reported number of flu cases in the country ranges from 200 to 650 annually during the flu season that runs October to May, and peaks in the month of February.

Duane Sands, who was unable to provide any specifics about the case, said the death occurred last week. "So we are seeing the usual reports of hospitalizations and into hospital and ICU, which we expect to see every year, but more so with H1N1 in the younger population". Four people have died in the province from the flu since September. It is especially important for people under five years old, women who are pregnant, anyone with an underlying health condition and people over 65 years old.

Other flu prevention practices include coughing into your sleeve or tissue and washing your hands after being out and about.

There have been 866 people confirmed to have the flu so far this fall.

"The majority of influenza cases expected are going to be H1N1 and we've now had 4,500 people take up the influenza vaccine".

So far, the province has administered 277,000 doses of the vaccine, up three per cent from a year ago.

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