Caught on camera: Orca trio swims alongside N.Z. woman

Incredible Footage Shows Orcas Playing with Swimmer in the Wild: WATCH

Killer whales surround New Zealand woman in stunning drone footage

While many would end their swimtime in the ocean over an unexpected brush with some seaweed, photographer Dylan Brayshaw recently captured footage of one woman who appeared to actually welcome the addition of a pod of orcas to her swim near New Zealand's Coromandel Peninsula.

Judie Johnson was swimming along the shores of Hahei Beach, New Zealand on December 4 when the three ocras approached her - close enough for a bite - swam underneath and around her.

Johnson told New Zealand's 1 News that she initially thought they were dolphins. At first, she was frightened and quickly swam to shore fearing the orcas would harm her.

But moments later, she made a decision to jump back into the water to complete her swim. I was watching a pod of orcas swimming up the beach, I saw a swimmer swimming along shore directly towards them, at this point I asked my partner to get my mobile phone as I wasn't sure what would happen and I may have to call for help.

Killer whales, or orca, are the largest members of the dolphin family. According to Whale Facts, killer whales don't attack humans and there have been no reported instances of the predators eating a human.

"I would have thought she would have stayed out of the water and walked back, but she got back in the water and incredibly finished her training swim", Brayshaw said. He managed to capture the encounter on his GoPro.

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