Once Upon a Deadpool FAQs with Fred Savage & Deadpool

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You'll likely already know that Deadpool 2 is headed back to cinemas - in United Kingdom cases, for one night only - and a new teaser for the tweaked version, Once Upon A Deadpool finds Ryan Reynolds' Wade Wilson being questioned by a captive Fred Savage.

It's all in aid of a new cut of Deadpool 2, which carries a 15 rating in the United Kingdom - yes, still, which is something that the pair covers in the Q&A sessions for this special new cut of the teaser - and slices out some of the swearing and violence in aid of a family friendly experience. The answer is pretty obvious, and thankfully, Deadpool himself is here to tell it like it is. But with kidnapping, chest hair and cash grab.

Fred presses on in the new clip from the movie, pointedly asking Deadpool: "Why do you think audiences will be stupid enough to swallow this?" This quick, amusing teaser has Fred Savage - who is being held hostage by Deadpool - asking several questions about just why this is happening. "It's a family movie", Deadpool shoots back.

To everyone's credit, a portion of the proceeds for this shameless attempt to bilk more money out of Deadpool fans will be going to a good cause. And remember, for every ticket sold, $1 will be donated to the charity F-ck Cancer, which is being retitled "Fudge Cancer" for the purposes of this PG-13 release. This new promo video is but a glimpse of the 20 new minutes of footage shot for the framing story.

Once Upon a Deadpool will arrive in theaters on December 12, 2018.

Like many of you, when it was first announced that Fox would be making a PG-13 cut of Deadpool 2, my first response was, "Oh, God, why?" As Deadpool says: "I'm not sure this level of curiosity is cute from a middle-aged man strapped to a bed against his will". Now, this one time, I said "Yes" on two conditions. Fred Savage will join Reynolds in new scenes for ONCE UPON A DEADPOOL in an homage to Savage's starring role in the 1987 bedtime-story classic THE PRINCESS BRIDE.

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