Health Reforms in Youth Education: Combatting the Anti-Vaccination Movement

Flu strain is more dangerous for younger people

Flu strain is more dangerous for younger people

"It is possible to have the flu a few times in the season".

The northeast section of the state - defined by the DPH as towns north of Boston to the New Hampshire border - saw the highest number of lab-confirmed cases from October 6 to November 30, at 77. The best way to prevent the flu is to get the flu vaccine.

With the harsh winter weather starting to dig in its heel and given last year's intense breakout of flu and colds, business owners of all industries and sizes would be wise to implement some cold and flu prevention strategies in the workplace. "There is also ongoing research to reduce the time to manufacture and develop the vaccine from months to weeks", said Mayer. What should they say to those who have fears that the shot will give them the flu?

Even when the flu shot does not keep a person from falling ill, research shows that there is a strong chance the person will have a much milder case.

Flu vaccines are not 100% effective, and sometimes the strain of flu circulating is not a flawless match for the flu strains in the flu vaccine. "It tends not to have quite the same impact that the H3N2 season does, and that's what we had past year".

There were 1,105 new laboratory-confirmed cases during the week ending December 1, bringing the season total to 6,170, the CDC calculated.

As many people turn to the Internet for health information, it is critical to recognize that user-generated content from anti-vaccine supporters directly impact patient medical decisions. However, it is important to remember that regulations on mandated flu vaccinations vary from state to state. "With healthcare personnel influenza vaccination rates of 98 percent for two years straight; these results are evidence that healthcare personnel at Kaweah Delta are concerned about the patients they care for".

The flu virus can be spread by coughing and sneezing, and it can live outside the body on surfaces such as doorknobs or phones for a short period, according to the DPH. Roderick also suggested carrying hand sanitizer and getting the yearly flu shot. After all, flu infections don't usually cause severe illness in this age group.

"We're struggling a little bit by the perception that flu is not really a deadly disease, which of course we know it is", he said.

In a feature about how workplaces can prepare for the upcoming flu season, Caroline Hernandez, a senior human resource specialist for Insperity and a former business owner, advises companies to educate employees about the pitfalls of flu before an outbreak occurs in the workplace. And there's other people in our state and communities who have elderly grandparents or parents, or even young children.

A full list of sites that all be offering the flu shot can be found here. Among children, effectiveness rates were higher: Children who got the shot were 59% seek medical care for the virus, the CDC reported this year.

Nurses can talk with patients and families about ways in which they can talk to their visitors about the importance of receiving the flu vaccine and can work with them to perhaps set limits or discourage visitors who have not been vaccinated. Though some people report a sore arm after getting the shot, the overwhelming majority experience no extreme side effects.

Vaccination is needed every year because the Influenza viruses change every few years and scientists continue to monitor which viruses are circulating, and change the ingredients in influenza vaccines to match them.

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