Google Discontinues Support to Android Ice Cream Sandwich Devices

Google прекратит поддержку старых смартфонов на Android

Ice Cream Sandwich melts: Is no longer flavour of the month for Google Android

GOOGLE HAS put Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich out to pasture as it raises the requirements for the Google Play API.

Google on the Android Developer Blog has posted that active device count for the Android Ice Cream Sandwich has been below 1 per cent for some time which is why the company has made a decision to end support for the Android ICS for future Google Play Services. This means the apps updates for older versions of Android will receive less number of updates now. The developers are receommended to increase the minSdkVersion value in their app's build.gradle to at least 16.

Google is said to remove all 22 malicious apps from the Play Store during the week of November 25.

According to the report, and based on observations from antivirus provider Sophos, the rogue apps used a "device-draining backdoor" that allowed attackers to download files in the background, without user notice. Advertisers are willing to pay a premium to reach users of Apple devices, under the pretext that Apple users have more expendable funds than Android users.

Although it's a tiny minority of users (0.3 per cent according to the most recent figures from Google), it's a significant milestone as ICS represented a "soft relaunch" of the Android operating system that added significant functionality, design language changes and drew a clear line between older builds like Android 2.3 Gingerbread. The largest number of users are now on version of Nougat i.e. API level 25 or 25.

But now, seven years on, Android has moved on beyond recognition again and Ice Cream Sandwich has started to look like a child's coding project.

Google is also encouraging all developers with new and existing apps to not include support for Ice Cream Sandwich.

There's little chance that you're using an Android Ice Cream Sandwich phone in 2018 - and if you are - you probably should update. It came with an overhauled interface which included new gestures, new widgets and virtual buttons on the System Bar.

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