Dog makes incredible goal-line save after goalkeeper's terrible blunder

Під час чемпіонату Аргентини прудкий собака врятував ворота від голу відеофакт

Perfect timing: Stray dog makes miraculous last-gap save in Argentinian league game (VIDEO)

A dog came to the aid of Argentinian side Defensores de Belgrano when they faced Juventud Unida on Sunday, preventing a certain goal with an incredible goal-line clearance.

However, despite the assistance of "night of the defender", "Defensores de Belgrano" were unable to oppose the more skilled "Juventud Unida" and lost with the devastating account.

Defensores were already 3-0 down when a horrific mistake from their goalkeeper presented Juventud with a golden opportunity to go 4-0 up.

The dog runs in front of the net just in time to deflect the shot, saving a goal and winning the hearts of soccer fans around the world.

A amusing episode happened in one of the matches of the championship of Argentina.

Lionel Messi is yet to announce his worldwide retirement but the forward has told the FA that he wants to be excused from playing for the national team for the rest of this year.

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