Ariana Grande Is Naturally Obsessed With Jeff Goldblum’s ‘Thank U, Next’ Spoof

James Corden

Ariana Grande Loves James Corden's Reimagining Of "Thank U, Next"

Thank U, Next has been on everyone's lips and we ADORE the self-empowering message Ari is belting out.

This must have been James Corden's thought process when him and his writing team penned their reimagining of Ariana Grande's "Thank U, Next". According to Entertainment Tonight, the spoof starts with the late-night host knocking on Goldblum's dressing room door, where Corden thanks him for being on the show and introduces the hilarious phrase "thank u, jeff". Most importantly, James pays tribute to Jeff's iconic role as the "hot doctor" in the action film Jurassic Park.

He's even perfectly recreated the Mean Girls scenes of Grande's epic rom-com music video - complete with a Jeff burn book, a Christmas concert dance sequence and a scene involving Corden in silk pyjamas as he professes his admiration for Goldblum.

James didn't just give a shout out to Goldblum's acting skills, but his prowess at jazz piano.

'He's our silver fox with black thick rim glasses / the way that he talks with charm off your a**es, ' the second verse went.

Later: "I'm so frickin' grateful for his pecks".

As well as flipping through the "Thank U, Jeff" book, James altered the lyrics to the song so that they reflect the 66-year-old's life and career. "It's for a friend. promise".

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