"Aquaman" Sequel Already In Discussion At Warner Bros

Fight for the Throne in New Aquaman Clip

Aquaman 2 Already Planned, Before First One Is Even Out

Somewhat buried in a profile of the film's Mera, Amber Heard, THR reports that studio chairman Toby Emmerich is confident in the the early estimates for the film's domestic opening week ($65 million) that he has begun talks on a sequel.

That being said, it's worth noting this is still the early stages, meaning a writer hasn't even been hired yet, so it's worth keeping that in mind.

Amber Heard, who plays the gorgeous and unsafe Mera in Aquaman, recently sat down with The Hollywood Reporter to discuss the new DC film. The DCEU did make awesome money off Suicide Squad, Batman V Superman, and Wonder Woman, but Man of Steel and Justice League didn't do as well. It seems like a lot will ultimately hinge on how this is received and how well it performs at the box office.

Throughout the movie, it is Mera who guides and trains Aquaman (Jason Momoa) on this new world he's never been a part of, as well as saving his ass on more than one occasion. When asked about a sequel by SYFY WIRE during the Aquaman press junket, Wan said that it's his tradition to let the first film come out before discussing such things.

Wan's superstition is perhaps warranted in a Hollywood where franchises can crumble quickly, but for now Aquaman is looking more and more like a safe bet for Warner Bros.

Deadline reports that the film is now expected to end the weekend in China at a potential $80 million or more.

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