The Russo Brothers Considered Putting Marvel's Netflix Heroes Into Infinity War

Captain America


However, "Avengers: Infinity War" co-director Joseph Russo begs to differ.

It may appear that the saga should end there, but we have one more stop - the aforementioned, courtesy of Russo. But after 2019's untitled "Avengers 4" comes out, which will bring the current main Marvel story arc to a close, the Russos say they will be taking a break from superheroes.

I think it was more emotional for him than us. It's just that Secret Wars has even more seductive ones.

The Russo brothers have their own pick, however.

Russo shared in the same interview that it's certainly possible for the movie to make it to number five, but it may take some time. They said that, speaking as fans, they would have wanted to spare your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, Peter Parker. Impatient fans have been constantly asking makers for the first trailer of the film but so far there has been little news on the official release date. If that airhorn could speak, it'd be saying "Thank you, next".

Avengers 4 is without a doubt the most popular topic on the Internet today, as MCU fans cannot wait for the first trailer. Sadly, the Avengers 4 trailer still isn't here, and we still don't have a title. You can watch the whole event at Collider's YouTube page, but it is two hours long, so here are a few fun facts we learned from the conductors of what may be the largest and hardest hype train in Marvel history.

So, before you start hanging up that homemade American flag, the one that has Chris Evans' face where the stars should be, be warned that there's also a strong chance Joe Russo is just messing with us.

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