Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest DLC fighter is Persona 5's Joker

Smash Bros. Ultimate's newest DLC fighter is Persona 5's Joker

First Super Smash Bros Ultimate DLC Announced: Joker From Persona 5 Steals A Heart - News

In celebration of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - but there's no sign of Metroid Prime 4. When Reggie Fils-Aime, President of Nintendo of America, appeared after the reveal, he noted that all of the Super Smash Bros.

The problem with any games event that starts hyping up new game reveals is that fans inevitably start imagining things far more exciting that what actually gets shown. Ultimate. Enjoy the video and don't forget to subscribe to TheGamer for more Super Smash Bros. content!

Ultimate has been anticipated for quite some time given that the game has an incredibly extensive roster of Nintendo characters new and old.

For the first Challenger Pack 1, it was revealed tonight that Joker, a mainstay character from the Persona series, would be making his debut.

For the time being, however, Persona fans have been going insane over the news that Joker is Smash bound. 77 fighters are available right from the beginning, though you have to unlock them through gameplay of course. In total, there are five packs planned for Ultimate that can be purchased in a single transaction known as the Fighters Pass bundle.

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