Scientist Claims Aliens Already Visited Us

Ученый NASA рассказал о миниатюрных пришельцах которые могли посещать Землю

People might not notice the aliens because of their size

In his estimation, aliens may end up transitioning away from carbon-based "machinery" and end up becoming artificial lifeforms, leading him to speculate that our first encounter with an alien explorer might be "an extremely tiny super-intelligent entity", though it's unclear why he expects it to be so small.

He accepts that the speed of light and interstellar travel may prove to be "an unbreakable barrier, over spans of thousands of years", but that we shouldn't operate under an automatically constrained set of possibilities.

A NASA scientist has claimed that Earth may have been once visited-or is being visited-by extraterrestrials, but we may not have realized it.

Silvano P Colombano from the space agency's intelligent systems division says that the current idea we have about aliens is too narrow and that if aliens have popped down, we're not talking little green men or Paul but maybe something that looks wildly different to what we consider extra terrestrials.

The man believes that humans' now thinking about extraterrestrial life is far too narrow. And how might this change our assumptions about openness or desire to communicate with other civilizations?

He argues that technology as we know it only began development approximately 10,000 years ago, with numerous fundamental scientific methodologies upon which our current understanding of the universe is based coming to light in the past 500 years or so. "If we adopt a new set of assumptions about what forms of higher intelligence and technology we might find", he says, "some of those phenomena might fit specific hypotheses, and we could start some serious [inquiry]".

He said that tech development in our civilization started only 10,000 years ago and he believes that humans might have a real problem regarding the prediction of tech evolution even for the next thousand of year, not to mention millions.

According to his LinkedIn profile, Colombano holds a PhD in Biophysics, and is a specialist in Artificial Intelligence, Bio-Inspired computation and Robotics.

A UFO-shaped gate is seen at the entrance to Alto Paraiso town, Goias State, in Brazil.

He strongly believes that the UFO phenomenon is worthy of extensive study.

"It seems to me that SETI has ignored (at least officially) the potential relevance of UFO phenomena", he wrote, referring to the acronym for the "search for extraterrestrial intelligence".

"In the very large amount of "noise" in UFO reporting there may be "signals", however small, that indicate some phenomena that can not be explained or denied", Colombano said.

This should prompt scientists to take a more "aggressive" approach to searching for aliens and rethink assumptions about alien life.

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