GOP-led Michigan Senate to vote on bill to strip Dem's power

FILE House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California meets with reporters at her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington

FILE House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi of California meets with reporters at her weekly news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington

Evers says the state "should be embarrassed" by the Republicans' actions and that they have ignored the will of voters.

In November, Democrats in Wisconsin won 54% of the statewide vote, and yet they captured just 36 out of 99 seats in the Wisconsin state assembly. But before she even takes office next month, her duty to oversee Michigan's campaign finance system could be gone _ stripped if a new Republican-sponsored bill is enacted into law.

"I mean, most of these items are things (that) we never really had to kind of address because guess what - we trusted Scott Walker and the administration to be able to manage the back and forth with the Legislature".

Democrats called the bill, which is expected to clear the full Senate on Thursday, a blatant power grab that would fly in the face of voters.

Republicans who control Michigan's Legislature voted Wednesday to advance a measure that strips campaign-finance oversight power from the Democratic secretary of state-elect, and they moved to give lawmakers authority to stand up for GOP-backed laws if they think the incoming Democratic governor and attorney general are not adequately defending the state's interests.

Republican Governor Scott Walker has indicated he will sign the bills before leaving office at the end of December, though his office said on Thursday he was reviewing the legislation.

In Michigan, the Republican-led legislature on Wednesday hollowed out minimum wage and sick leave laws, three months after it passed those statutes as part of a political strategy to keep them from appearing on the ballot as a voter referendum. One Republican notably broke ranks and also voted against it.

FILE Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer D-N.Y. speaks with reporters following the weekly Democratic policy meetings at the Capitol in Washington
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Unless, of course, they voted to limit that governor's power.

The move comes almost a month after Gov. -elect Tony Evers, a Democrat, narrowly beat Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

The changes would also weaken the governor's ability to put in place rules that enact laws.

Evers promised to clean up Wisconsin's "Economic Development Corporation".

The new legislation tries to protect some of the GOP's achievements in recent years, including a work requirement for some people receiving state health care and the state's role in a lawsuit seeking to overturn the Affordable Care Act. That measure is meant to stop Governor-elect Tony Evers and Attorney General-elect Josh Kaul, both Democrats, from following through on campaign promises to end Wisconsin's challenge to the federal healthcare law known as Obamacare. Instead, the legislature's budget committee would have to sign off on such withdrawals.

Wisconsin Republicans passed the legislation in an all-night session marked by stops and starts as GOP leaders tried to muster enough votes in the Senate. Phil Pavlov of St. Clair, said the legislation would not in "any way" affect Proposal 2 but rather follow its goal of partisan "evenness and equity" by restricting people affiliated with a political party from providing legal and accounting services to the commission.

The measures would also limit early voting to no more than two weeks before an election, a move Democrats say is illegal.

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