Kevin Durant Says LeBron James-Led Teams Are ‘Toxic’

Kobe Bryant

Kobe Bryant Takes Massive Shot At Warriors & Their Bandwagon Fan Base

Even the beat writers just fawn over him. So we got guys who just want to continue to develop and guys that continue to get better and better just from experience.

While the thought of playing with Los Angeles Lakers superstar LeBron James is appealing to some, it's not as dreamy of an idea to other National Basketball Association players.

The media attention around James isn't the only reason other National Basketball Association stars might be hesitant to join James in Los Angeles.

While James has given the franchise a boost, there's still a lot of work to do, and according to one other National Basketball Association star, getting the players to join James in Los Angeles is going to be easier said than done. They were struggling, Bron got the ball, took control, made a decision to start playing point, doing everything, doing everything. I understand what Magic and Kobe are saying because we want to continue to grow the young guys.

While Durant describes the environment around James as 'toxic, ' he does not speak for every player.

However, Durant quickly backtracked to try and rule James out of the blame.

Kevin Durant doesn't necessarily think so.

"Which, I think, he deserves way more credit for switching his game".

While Durant's theory certainly makes sense, we won't know if it holds true until next offseason with Kawhi Leonard set to test the open market next winter. "LeBron is a player that needs to play with guys that already know how they play the game - and shooters". Because Kyle Korver in Atlanta was the bulk of the offence, and he's not a No. 1 option at all, not even close. "Kawhi enjoys having the ball in his hands, controlling the offense, dictating the tempo with his post-ups; it's how he plays the game. Like, young players that are still developing, it's always going to be hard because he demands the ball so much, he demands control of the offense and he creates for everybody".

After rebuilding through the NBA Draft, the Lakers eventually established a talented young core that was enough to lure the game's best player in the first of a two-year window to make a splash in free agency.

So playing alongside someone like James is a huge selling point, right?

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