Brie Larson kicks ass in new 'Captain Marvel' trailer

The New 'Captain Marvel' Trailer Is Here And It's Insane

The official trailer for 'Captain Marvel' is here and it shows off a younger Samuel L. Jackson

"Captain Marvel" will be the penultimate film of the MCU's third phase, capped by a fourth "Avengers" ensemble movie, due May 2019, in which Brie Larson is also scheduled to appear.

A second look at March 2019's "Captain Marvel" lays out a bit more of the landscape that this space-faring superheroine lives in: an intergalactic war come to earth, a life full of flashbacks, fabulously conditioned hair, and Nick Fury without an eyepatch. And in it, we see Larson's Carol Danvers' doling out the fisticuffs.

Jackson, in his role as Nick Fury, explains the difference between Skrulls and Krees, two alien civilizations featured in the film.

We learn in this trailer that Carol genuinely has no memory of her life as a human on Earth-she was "found" by the Kree empire, after some sort of accident, and "saved" by a procedure that looks suspiciously like a run-of-the-mill blood transfusion which, apparently, spliced her genes with Kree DNA. "And you're a Kree, a race of noble warriors?"

"Heroes", she corrects him. But as we're anxiously waiting to see whether the first Avengers 4 trailer will indeed drop this week, a new report says that the first trailer for the new Spider-Man film is also going to debut this week.

The film, directed by Anna Boden and Ryan Fleck, isn't Marvel's first foray into sci-fi - that honour goes to the Guardians of the Galaxy- but it has an element of mystery that will be fun for comic book fans to unpeel. There are some teases of big action sequences and Captain Marvel's origin, but the trailer doesn't actually do much to tell us what this movie is, for better or worse. But given that all three Marvel films will launch next year starting with Captain Marvel in early March, Avengers 4 in late April/early March, and Far From Home in early July, it would make sense for the first trailer to be released after the first Avengers 4 trailer debuts.

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