Nigel Farage quits Ukip over its 'fixation' on anti-Muslim policies

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson

Former English Defence League leader Tommy Robinson

Batten appointed Robinson, real name Stephen Yaxley-Lennon, as a Ukip adviser on grooming gangs and prisons in mid-November claiming he has "great knowledge" on both topics.

He also blamed the party for trying to bring in "extremists" and said this would "damage the party beyond repair".

Yesterday, Ukip also lost its former deputy chairwoman, Suzanne Evans, who said she had become "increasingly alarmed" by the "perverse direction" Mr Batten was taking the Eurosceptic party.

Nigel Farage has resigned from Ukip, the party he has dominated for more than 20 years, declaring that it has become obsessed with far-right extremism and Islam.

'There is a huge space for a Brexit party in British politics, but it wont be filled by UKIP'.

UKIP has veered further to the right since the 2016 European Union membership referendum. "It is not the Brexit party our nation so badly needs".

The former UKIP leader has long opposed the appointment of the far-right thug, which has been championed by current party leader Gerard Batten.

Farage gave a speech at the Annual UKIP Conference in Birmingham, which he wrote in his column will go down as his last speech to the party.

He said the fact that Ukip was fielding "very few candidates" in local council by-elections showed it was becoming increasingly irrelevant in the electoral sphere.

Writing in the Daily Telegraph, Farage condemned Batten's decision to throw Ukip's support behind an anti-Brexit demonstration in London on Sunday organised by Robinson and his associates, saying it was likely to "inspire violence and thuggish behaviour".

Mr Farage recalled the time he spoke at a Gala dinner during the Annual Ukip Conference in Birmingham this year, explaining how it was a changing moment for him. He said the party had squandered a chance to fight Theresa May's Brexit deal.

Mr Farage said he was disappointed how Ukip was inspiring violent and thuggish behaviour amongst Brexiteers, which has given Remainers a chance to criticise the party's agenda. "With regret, however, I must admit that I now do not believe it will do so again".

'While Robinson may hold an appeal to some members of society who feel they are disenfranchised, I believe he is entirely unsuitable to be involved in any political party'. Nigel & I were founder members of UKIP in 1993.

"He seems to be pretty obsessed with the issue of Islam, not just Islamic extremism, but Islam - and UKIP wasn't founded to be a party based on fighting a religious crusade".

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