Microsoft pokes fun at iPads in Surface Go holiday ad

Microsoft Surface Go

Hardware Microsoft throws shade at the iPad calls it a fake computer Yoni Heisler @edibleap

But if you just want a good chuckle without thinking too much about the differences between Surface devices and iPads, Microsoft certainly delivers at that level. "Fine when I was six but now I'm ten", the girl sings, implying the iPad is a toy meant for a younger audience. With Apple's rhetoric of the iPad Pro as a computer, Redmond just couldn't resist aiming its marketing guns at its rival, making sure everyone knows that a "real computer" is.

Microsoft has released a new Surface Go holiday ad which mocks the iPad and calls the former a real computer.

The ad, which is an amusing musical adaptation of 'Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer,' points out the iPad Pro's limitations when it comes to the tablet-laptop hybrid device acting as a comprehensive Mac or Windows 10 device replacement. The reason? It's not a real computer.

Apple really annoyed the snot out of people around this time previous year with its condescending and downright annoying commercial for the iPad.

Cold. Setting aside the idea that most grandparents can afford and should buy a US$400 tablet for a 10-year old, the commercial is a shameless swipe at Apple and its success with the iPad.

Regardless of factual accuracy, it's still an interesting shot at Apple which also raises that thought-provoking question.

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