How to access the PlayStation Classic's secret emulator menu

Playstation Classic

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Reports are coming in that some keyboard models are proving compatible with Sony's latest device.

Youtuber Retro Gaming Arts produced a video showing you how to access the settings using a USB plug-in keyboard. One of the options does warn you that it might break the game you're playing but could give you better performance.

Firstly, in the video, the two presenters explain how they got into the system by plugging in a keyboard, going into a game, and then hitting the ESC key. Now as the Youtubers themselves state in the video, while there are a lot of great features and fixes you can make via this menu, it is easy to mess your Playstation Classic up in a major way to the point of not having games or anything work at all.

But this isn't where it ends with the Playstation Classic. When first entered they see the following options: Change CD Image, PCSX Menu, and Exit. Heading into PCSX allows you to choose from Resume Game, Save State, Load State, Reset Game, Load CD Image, Options, Controls, Cheats, Extra Stuff, Credits, and Exit selections. Other options include viewing the FPS, choosing the region, BIOS/Plugins, and also Advanced alongside more.

In total, there are reportedly 36 games that appear in the source code that didn't make the PlayStation Classic games list.

"You may have some difficulty launching games, applications, or online features", a message on the site reads. These links leave Siliconera.

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