Mutated Australian Possum Now Named Pikachu

A brushtail possum was brought to a clinic in Melbourne, Australia, with unique golden coloring. But it appears that the miraculous force known as Life can actually come pretty darn close to making the pocket monsters a reality, as this yellow-colored marsupial shows: a golden Australian Possum that bears the name of - and a striking resemblance to - the franchise's star mascot, Pikachu. Despite these hard circumstances, the possum, which is believed to be about five months old, is in good health. She was found lying on the ground and vets say she probably fell off her mother's back.

The Age reports that the possum has a specific mutation that "results in low levels of melanin", meaning that instead of its fur being brown, it's instead turned out gold.

'They are so rare in the wild as although their bright colour makes them look special to us, they also stand out to predators! Luckily for this baby brushtail, she's gone to carers to be raised and then will end up in a wildlife sanctuary so she can live a long happy life.

The golden coat is more of a curse than a blessing; it makes it extremely hard for the creature to survive in the wild; thus, the rescue team decided not to release Pikachu in its natural habitat.

The possum is said to be in good health, despite its anxious demeanor.

When asked if the possum will be released back into the wild, caregivers said if Pikachu becomes "a bit feisty" she might be eventually released.

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