General Motors plans to close Canadian assembly plant

GM employs about 2,500 union staff in Oshawa which produces both the Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac XTS sedans

GM employs about 2,500 union staff in Oshawa which produces both the Chevrolet Impala and Cadillac XTS sedans

General Motors Canada is planning to close all of its operations in Oshawa, Ont., according to CTV News.

"I have seen the same reports as many in my riding, which claim GM may be closing their operations in Oshawa, and I find these reports gravely concerning", Oshawa NDP MPP Jennifer French told Global News, which said it could confirm the CTV report.

A spokeswoman for GM Canada said Sunday that the company had "no news or comment tonight" and would not be commenting on speculation. The statement says that while they have not been provided with complete details, they have not been told of a facility closure, but rather no product has been slated to be built at the Oshawa facility beyond December 2019. GM had been expected to close plants because of struggling sales. The union said that it has a meeting scheduled with General Motors tomorrow and will have further comment after learning more.

Oshawa Mayor John Henry said the closure would have ripple effects well beyond his city.

Henry, who himself has family members who work at GM, said Oshawa has played a big part in the success of General Motors.

"It's going to affect the province, it's going to affect the region ..."

The reported plant closure is a further blow to the Canadian auto industry, which has lost jobs to the United States, where governments offer manufacturers rich incentives, and Mexico, where labor costs are lower.

And just three years ago, Oshawa took a hit when GM moved production of the Chevrolet Camaro to MI, slicing 1,000 jobs in Ontario.

The Oshawa operation became a Donald Trump talking point during Canada-U.S. trade negotiations, according to a Toronto Star report about an off-the-record aside during an interview with Bloomberg News over the summer.

Political pressure in Canada is already mounting on GM, which had accepted billions of dollars in aid from the U.S., Canadian and Ontario governments after filing for bankruptcy protection during the 2009 global economic downturn.

"If GM Canada is indeed turning its back on 100 years of industry and community - abandoning workers and families in Oshawa - then this is a callous decision that must be fought", she said in a statement. He said he and neighbouring Oshawa MP Colin Carrie were "reaching out for information".

"Every time we have a problem with a point, I just put up a picture of a Chevrolet Impala, " the USA president was reported to have said.

Carlisle was moved that month to head Cadillac, the global automaker's luxury vehicle division as part of a management rotation.

In 2015, assembly of the Chevrolet Camaro in Oshawa ended and in 2016, assembly of both the Chevrolet Impala and Equinox came to an end.

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