David Arquette Says He's Done With Death Matches After Nick Gage Brawl

David Arquette Done With Death Matches Talks UFC Rematch W Nick Gage

David Arquette Got Into A Shoot Fight In A Death Match Because Pro Wrestling Is Crazy In 2018

David Arquette recently made an appearance at a Game Changer Wrestling event and ended up unexpectedly bloody as a result. Gage smacked him with a light-bulb tube, and the blow caused a cut to Arquette's neck, which began to bleed profusely.

Judging by the brutal and violent match which was captured on video, it appears that the indie wrestling scene isn't quite as well orchestrated as the WWE.

Anyway, Arquette has since tweeted that he's fine and while the injuries no doubt look worse than they probably are, it's still definitely a lot of blood and pretty scary.

The Scream star took to social media after the fight, saying, "Thank you to all the fans for your love I'm a stitched up".

The Never Been Kissed actor has been dabbling in the indie pro wrestling scene on and off for years.

After filming "Ready to Rumble", Arquette was woven into WCW storylines in episodes of "Thunder" and "Nitro", and the pay-per-view special "Slamboree". "I don't know how to really talk about it".

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