Protester killed at fuel tax road blockade in France

Blockade Chaos: French Protest Rising Fuel Prices in Paris

Protester killed at fuel tax road blockade in France

Protestors on the RN 90 road between Albertville and Chambery, central eastern France. She then accelerated her vehicle into the crowd.

Media reports that there have been some 50 other injuries across the country, including in the northern region of Arras where a 71-year-old man was hit by a auto.

An estimated 50,000 demonstrators were participating in the protests, and some incidents occurred as drivers not taking part tried to get around the blockades, police sources said.

At a blockade on a road in the southeastern department of Savoie, a driver panicked when she saw protesters barring the way and accelerated, hitting and killing a woman demonstrator, Castaner and the local prefect said in televised comments.

The fluorescent vests must be kept in the vehicles of all French drivers in case of auto trouble.

But many say they simply increase the burden on France's poorer people.

The backlash is the latest confrontation between Mr Macron and voters, mostly based in the countryside and provincial towns and cities, who view the former investment banker as the representative of a remote urban elite.

"Nobody thinks about the people on the city fringes, in the provinces, in rural areas", Priscillia Ludosky told AFP.

The tax hike is so widely unpopular, that even 54 per cent of those who voted for Macron support the movement, with 73 per cent of Frenchmen of all political persuasions supporting the Yellow Vests.

The "Yellow Jackets" are upset over rising fuel prices as well as petrol taxes: for the year in France, the price of petrol has increased by 10-15%, and the price of the most popular diesel fuel in the country rose 24%.

Authorities didn't give a breakdown about how the 47 others were injured during the protests.

The "yellow-vest" movement called for people wearing high-visibility jackets to block motorway exits, fuel depots and roundabouts in hundreds of events planned across France. - Leticia joined the Yellow Vests movement to protest against "the rise of tax on gas and her difficulties making ends meet every month".

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