Camp Fire death toll jumps to 71, sheriff says

An ariel view of Paradise off of Clark Road

Modal Trigger An ariel view of Paradise off of Clark Road. LA Times via Getty Images

On Friday night, Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea said the latest official roster of people reported unaccounted for by loved ones had grown to 1,011 or almost 400 more names than were posted Thursday night and more than three times the number counted as missing on Thursday afternoon.

Butte County Sheriff Kory Honea initially said 110 were missing, then revised the number to more than 220.

The wildfire this time practically burned the town of Paradise to the ground and heavily damaged the outlying communities of Magalia and Concow on November 8, destroying 9,700 houses and 144 apartment buildings, authorities said.

The Camp fire is considered the most deadly and destructive wildfire in the state of California.

Firefighters were gaining ground against the blaze, which blackened 222 square miles (575 square kilometers).

California's outgoing and incoming governors said they would join Trump on Saturday.

This patch of California, a former Gold Rush region in the Sierra Nevada foothills, is to some extent Trump country, with Trump beating Hillary Clinton in Butte County by 4 percentage points in 2016.

Of the eight sets of newly-discovered remains, seven of them were located inside structures in Paradise, California, Honea said, a town that's faced widespread devastation. "You're not going to have a parade", Maggie Crowder of Magalia said Thursday outside an informal shelter at a Walmart parking lot in Chico. He initially made the comments in a tweet that also threatened to withhold federal funding and repeated the mismanagement remarks in a Fox News interview a day before his visit.

"In the initial hours of this extraordinarily chaotic event, as people were calling in, talking about people that they couldn't find. that information was being entered in as rapidly as possible by public safety dispatchers", he said. "He could just tweet something nice - three words: 'I am sorry, ' and that's fine".

For two days, Paradise police Officer Matthew Gates searched through ash and collapsed buildings for the remains of a woman.

With winter coming on, survivors are seeking answers on what assistance will be provided. His wife is almost bedridden from lupus and fibromyalgia. Three other deaths occurred in the Woolsey Fire in Southern California, making the statewide death toll from wildfires 74.

Sheriff's office spokeswoman Miranda Bowersox said Friday that the list of people who are unaccounted for is not a real-time reflection of who is missing.

Authorities attribute the death toll partly to the speed with which flames raced through the town with little advance warning, driven by howling winds and fueled by drought-desiccated scrub and trees.

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