'Trumpy Bear' advert sparks bemusement following airing in US

Trumpy Bear is making a splash on Fox News | Media

What Is Trumpy Bear? Meet The Toy With The Head-Scratching Commercial

And Trumpy Bear has made the big time after the very bad ad aired during primetime on Fox News, giving the toy immediate social media cachet and even getting parodied by none other than James Corden and Jimmy Kimmel on their respective TV shows. The minute-long spot sent Twitter into a tizzy, and viewers immediately began questioning whether this ad is actually legit.

But a new limited edition collectible item is really turning heads this week after an ad for it ran on Fox News. Trumpy Bear costs $39.90, which can be paid in two installments of $19.95.

"A storm is coming", an ominous voiceover starts, over a background of dark clouds and lightning. You can not defeat the storm ...

Trumpy Bear, which as a precaution we certainly wouldn't recommend feeding after midnight, was "born on Flag Day", and has touched the lives of all the small business owners and golfers caught under its (his?) spell.

The commercial in question was for Trumpy Bear, a plush bear that features U.S. President Donald Trump's comb-over, a red tie, white cuffs and collar. "When I ride with Trumpy Bear, he makes my golf game great again". "I am the Storm, the great American grizzly". Trumpy Bear's comb-over and long red tie would be awesome on their own, but buyers get even more bang for their buck: the stuffed animal comes with an "American flag-themed blanket" so you can "wrap yourself in the red, white, and blue for comfort and warmth".

Christmas wish lists across America are soon to get an extra addition following the airing of an advert for Trumpy Bear - a teddy with a golden comb over, long red tie, and a United States flag which unzips from its back. "Thank you, Trumpy Bear!" says another. "Thank you, Trumpy Bear!" Get this awesome offer before it's too late.

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