YouTube VR Is Finally Available On Oculus Go Devices

YouTube app arrives on Oculus Go

YouTube VR for Oculus Go is finally here

Earlier this year, Oculus and Google's YouTube announced that the YouTube VR app would arrive on Oculus Go devices, and now it's finally available. The YouTube AR app brings the largest library of VR content available on the web to Facebook's lower-end VR headset. Like the Daydream version, you can use controllers and other input methods to type text in VR to search videos, leave comments and more, or you can use voice controls. Because it's only now, nearly two months later, that YouTube VR has finally landed on the Oculus Go. With this application, all content - every creator, channel, and video - on the YouTube platform can be transformed into virtual reality. CTO John Carmack discussed during Oculus Connect 5 (OC5) that Oculus Go users tended to veer towards apps like Netflix and Hulu, while Oculus Rift owners were gamers predominantly. This will again serve to increase the reach of YouTube's VR app.

Interestingly, Oculus Go has a casting feature that will allow people to stream their VR experiences to friends on mobile devices or TVs. The same on an Oculus Go will be more engrossing since latest technologies let users even tilt their head slightly to view content from a different angle.

With other apps looking to fill that gap Google likely didn't want to lose its dominance in the video market, so it brought YouTube to Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR nearly at the same time this summer, via Steam and Oculus Store respectively.

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