III Basketball Player’s Cheap Shot Elbow Got Him Barred From Campus

College basketball player viciously elbows opponent in the face midgame

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Video review shows the incident happened late in the game with Nichols up 76-63 at the conclusion of the play, and that Platt was ejected (at the 2:02:00 mark).

Platt, a criminal justice major (ironically), was a transfer from Monroe Community College.

Kewan Platt, who attends Fitchburg State University in MA, could face assault charges after landing a running elbow to an opponent this week. But we can see as Fitchburg State's No. 23 Kewan Platt came jogging towards Tenaglia.

The culprit, a junior guard by the name of Kewan Platt, has since been suspended from school and barred from campus, according to TMZ.

Full video of the game confirms that there were no previous physical altercations but does provide a bit more context. Tenaglia had just shot a three-pointer when he was knocked to the floor while Platt jogged in the other direction.

Fitchburg State announced Platt's punishment via statement Wednesday afternoon, saying that it's "appalled" by his conduct. He has also been barred from the public university's campus in Fitchburg. He had recently been given a player of the week award by the school's league, the Massachusetts State Collegiate Athletic Conference, but the league has vacated that accolade. "We're very happy that the Nichols College student-athlete involved in the incident, Nate Tenaglia, was unharmed and able to finish the contest", it said. "His behavior is antithetical to our community values and good sportsmanship".

Nichols spokesman Pete Divito said Platt was frustrated after Tenaglia covered him throughout the game and smothered him on defense.

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