WA police on alert after Melbourne terror attack

Sisto Malaspina with business partner Nino Pangrazio in 2010

Sisto Malaspina with business partner Nino Pangrazio in 2010

Police and emergency services react to the attack in Bourke Street, Melbourne, that left at least one person dead.

But he was also assessed by authorities as not being a domestic threat.

"The law applies differently, obviously, to someone who has Australian citizenship, by conferral or births, as opposed to someone here on a temporary status because they are the holder of a particular visa category".

"You always looked after us like family".

Mr Malaspina was killed and two other men were injured when when 30-year-old Hassan Khalif Shire Ali drove a burning ute into the city and launched a knife attack on Friday. He had been born in Somalia, and had come to Australia in the 1990s.

It's since been revealed Shire Ali was on a watch list prior to Friday's attack.

"The judgment made about this individual was that he was not in the planning stage of the attack", Dutton said from Brisbane on Sunday.

"You can't let that stop you", she said.

"As I say, where you have someone who is buying chemicals, importing or purchasing online different items that might go to, as precursors to make up an explosive device, you would expect there to be intelligence around that activity". The family worked hard to take him to the doctor to be diagnosed but he said no and wouldn't co-operate.

But Mr Morrison rejected this as an "excuse" saying he was a terrorist extremist who had been radicalised.

The prime minister is ramping the pressure on Muslim community leaders to closely monitor what's going on in their mosques and report any concerns.

Mr Morrison insisted he was "standing up" for the integrity of Muslim communities.

Home Affairs Minister Peter Dutton defended authorities who he said had 400 open investigations and needed information from the public to stop spontaneous actions.

"We need the community, particularly leaders within the Islamic community, to do even more to encourage people to alert authorities, to change behaviour".

Over the weekend, hundreds of flowers and cards line the footpath outside Pellegrini's restaurant, where Mr Malaspina had become a familiar and friendly face to many, over four decades of working there.

"A 74-year-old man lost his life".

"We would like to thank Dad's friends, customers, and all the wonderful people that have come forward to pay their respects and show their love and support", the family's statement read.

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